UI and visual designer based in Costa Rica with a track in collaborating with user and customer experience teams implementing usability practices and guiding fellow designers to deliver creatives for multiple platforms ready for development handoff.


Kohl's - Product Detail Page

The main intention was to create a clear and visual way to include a set of overlays where the user will be able to customize and filter the exact product they were looking for without leaving the product page.

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Graphical symbols for equipment

Once in a while I found myself with some free time between projects and one way to keep the design nerve active is just to create my own version of some ISO 7000 icons for use in equipment.

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Kohl's - Icon Library

In the need of creating a visual language that fits all digital channels, it was important to create a consistent and flexible icon library that can even be used for printed pieces and cover a multiple set of categories and actions for a department store.

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Wolvesmade Agency Website

This project was made from scratch as the official website for a new Digital Agency in Costa Rica dedicated to outsourcing services in design and development of digital products.

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Kohl's Pay for iOS

Customers are able to select the offers, Kohl’s Cash and Gift Cards beforehand. In this way, when they arrive to the register the clerk only needs to scan a QR code.

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DoubleDigit Company Website

The main intention of creating this website was to provide information of the capabilities available in order to attract new business. At the same time, the website could be used as a brand selling tool, based on the objective of searching potential and international investors.

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Kohl's App Dark Mode

Some of the advantages of using Dark Mode are the visual comfort and the possibility to extend battery life depending on the screen technology. With this exploration I was able to discover some great tools that helped me to achieved the dark version for the Kohl's App.

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CreativeDrive Website Proposal

I was assigned to be part of a team that will create multiple proposals for the CreativeDrive agency website redesign.
For this one I started working from existing wireframes and lots of freedom in terms of visual creation.

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Kohl's Innovative Home Landing

Creation of the landing page for the "Innovative Home" category, which include products in the range of smart devices such as lighting, security systems, cameras, voice assistants, door locks, thermostats and much more.

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CreativeDrive Sales Landing Page

This project consisted on creating a one and unique page that could be used as a support tool for the sales department in order to attract new clients.

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Vendor Portal Design Library

In the need of organizing and controlling the quantity of assets created for the Kohl's Vendor Portal, the creation of a Sketch Library helped to cover the function of keeping everyone involved in the same channel.

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3D Artwork

Creating 3D scenes with Blender. The gratification of start from a blank document and end with an object that you can basically explore or even touch through VR is really amazing.
It feels like a hobbie!

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